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      Article no.: 492934

      Endoscope probe semi-rigid Ø 3.9 mm 1000 mm HOLEX

      Brand: HOLEX
      IP Index of Protection IP 67
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      Endoscope probe semi-rigid Ø 3.9 mm 1000 mm HOLEX

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      Sturdy watertight probe head (IP67) of stainless steel with dimmable white LEDs. Direction of view 0°.
      Image aperture angle 56°.


      Ideal for inspection of voids where access is difficult, e.g. automotive: Engine, gearbox, fuel tank, bodywork, dashboard, appraisal. Aerospace: engines, turbines, pipework, and wiring systems. Buildings: Assessment of the structure of buildings, water damage, pest infestation. Pipework systems: weld seams, traces of foreign bodies, leaks. Hydraulic systems: cylinders, leaks. Heating - sanitation - air conditioning: ovens, furnaces, boilers, air conditioning systems, drainage systems. Pest control: Bees' nests, wasps' nests, birds' nests, insect entry points. Police, customs: Vehicle checking, goods checking.

      Suitable for:

      All endoscope versions No. 492921 / 492924 / 492925 / 492928 / 492930.

      Optional extras:

      Adapter No. 492896 for using the probes with photo / video endoscope No. 492890 size 2000.


      Other types of probe (up to 30 m) with other probe head ⌀ and directions of view available on request.
      Probe for pipework inspection:
      • Head ⌀ 28 mm
      • Probe length: 22 m
      • Protection class: IP68
      • Image aperture angle: 150°
      • 8 high-intensity LEDs.