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      Article no.: 491796 DMS300M

      DMS300M microscope system DMS300M

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      DMS300M microscope system DMS300M

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      Digital microscope system with integral high-end optics and high-performance digital camera, complete with LED illumination and pivoted arm system. Optimised for digital inspection and documentation in the industrial environment.
      • Digital camera with 2.5 Megapixel resolution.
      • High live image speed: up to 30 images a second.
      • Programmable pre-setting and image overlay import capability.
      • Direct control of all camera parameters via infra-red remote control (in HD mode).
      • Direct recording of HD movie clips on to the SD card.
      • 8:1 zoom area (with switchable click stops) permits quick switching between overview and detail.
      • Magnification range from 15× to 120× digital (including 0.8× lens) with a 22 inch monitor.
      • Parfocal optics − no refocusing when changing the magnification.


      • Ergonomic working thanks to high operating comfort.
      • Optimised for quick and easy quality control, inspections and documentation.
      • Can be operated stand-alone with HD monitor without PC.
      • Direct control of all camera parameters.
      • Leica LAS EZ software for taking photos on the PC.

      Supplied with:

      Stereo microscope, pivot arm stand, lens 0.8×, LED ring light, manual / pedal switch, 2 remote controllers, HDMI and USB cable, universal USB power supply unit, SD card.
      Supplied with Leica Application Suite Software EZ (LAS EZ).
      Including 10 inch monitor.

      Optional extras:

      Transillumination No. 491777 size BLI.


      German version. Order free UK adapter plug No. 08 1174_GB.

      Accessories and spare parts

      • Transillumination BLI Leica microsystems Art. No.  491777 BLI
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