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      Article no.: 425400 0-150

      Digital depth micrometer with data output 0-150 mm

      Brand: Mitutoyo
      Norm Manufacturer’s standard
      Calibration S15
      Interface Digimatic interface
      Interface USB interface
      Packaging sturdy box
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      Digital depth micrometer with data output 0-150 mm

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      Various measuring depths can be achieved by exchanging the measuring pins with 25 mm increments. Measuring spindle fully hardened and ground. Base of hardened tool steel with lapped measuring anvil. Micrometer satin chrome-plated. Barrel with clearly engraved black scale and numerals. Constant measuring force due to integral ratchet.

      Version - image:

      Data storage button:
      The measurement result can be stored by pressing a button. (E.g. If the measurement position is awkward).
      Zero point / absolute size:
      Enables zeroing at any position. Absolute zeroing is restored by pressing the button again.
      Preset button:
      For “zeroing”. This setting is retained after switching off the display.

      Supplied with:

      Measuring pins and 1 battery No. 081560 size 357.

      Optional extras:

      Data cable No. 497445.

      Accessories and spare parts

      • Connection cable with data key D1 Mitutoyo Art. No.  497445 D1
        Subsequent delivery
      • Button cells / special batteries 357 Ansmann Art. No.  081560 357
        Subsequent delivery
      • Connection cable with data key D2 Mitutoyo Art. No.  497445 D2
        Subsequent delivery
      • Connection cable with data key USB2 Mitutoyo Art. No.  497445 USB2
        Subsequent delivery
      • Receiver / USB keyboard interface Bobe Art. No.  498965
        Subsequent delivery
      • Subsequent delivery
      • Transmitter S16E Bobe Art. No.  498966 S16E
        Subsequent delivery