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Gap sheet metal punch with ball thrust bearing 18,6 mm

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Consisting of matrix, punch, and draw bolt.
With ball thrust bearing and split punch, which cuts the waste material into 3 pieces. The cut pieces easily fall out of the matrix.


For punching holes into diverse materials such as sheet steel, sheet stainless steel, sheet aluminium, sheet copper etc. Particularly useful where access is difficult (e.g. large sheet metal plates, control cabinets, fuse boxes, junction boxes, dashboards, sink basins, bodywork etc.). Not suitable for pipework. It is imperative to grease the pressure screw and matrix before use.
a) using a wrench
b) using manual hydraulics No. 834655 size 1.
c) using a manual hydraulic drive No. 834700. From 50 mm ⌀ upwards the use of the manual hydraulic drive is recommended.


Special tool steel, burnished.


  • When using hydraulic tools, use draw bolt No. 834070 (optional accessory) instead of the pressure screw.
  • Size 32 and 35 for holes in stainless steel sinks, to attach 1/2 inch sink fitments.

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