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      Article no.: 597820 D64

      Diamond dished grinding wheel D×W×H (mm) 150×12×20 D64

      Brand: Tyrolit
      Grinding process Tool grinding
      Shape 4A2
      Grinding medium code D
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      Diamond dished grinding wheel D×W×H (mm) 150×12×20 D64

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      Cup grinding wheels and dished grinding wheels with diamond abrasive coating.
      Fine-grained for the best surface quality and good metal removal rates. Specification: D64C50B DIAGO W-Carbide.


      For general use on all common tool grinding machines. For grinding carbide tools and short chipping non-ferrous materials. Very well suited to dry grinding, but can also be used for wet grinding.

      Application Table

      Carbide (HM)
      Plastic, GRP
      wet maximum