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      Article no.: 566560

      XF 870 fibre disc (CER) Ø 125 mm 24

      Brand: VSM
      maximum circumferential speed 80
      Iron, sulphur and chlorine constituents < 0.1
      Grinding medium code Ceramic
      optimised for material INOX
      optimised for material Steel
      Bore ⌀ 22.23
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      XF 870 fibre disc (CER) Ø 125 mm 24

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      Tear-resistant but very flexible vulcanised fibre. Bore diameter 22.23 mm and crossed slots.
      Top type VSM-XF 870 fibre disc with very good and aggressive cutting performance, outstanding working life. Cool grinding. Highly suitable for all steels, high temperature Ni alloys and CrNi steels.
      Grit type: Ceramic grit with cooling, active coating (TOP SIZE).


      Limited to maximum 80 m/s circumferential speed with backing pads No. 566650 / 6670 on angle grinders. For grinding flat and curved surfaces with a high degree of flexibility.

      Application Table

      Steel < 900 N/mm²
      Steel < 1400 N/mm²
      Steel < 55 HRC
      Steel < 60 HRC
      Steel < 67 HRC