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      Article no.: 551790

      Grinding point J hardness coarse AW-CER ZY0613

      Brand: Pferd
      Grinding medium code Ceramic
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      Grinding point J hardness coarse AW-CER ZY0613

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      PFERD grinding points (OSA certified and tested to DIN EN 12 413) are specially designed for hardness, bonding, grit type and grit size for the specific applications and cover a very wide application range. Minimal radial run-out ensures vibration-free grinding which is good for man, machine, and component. PFERD grinding points are generally suitable for edge and surface grinding and provide you with maximum material removal rates, long service life, and consistent surface finish quality of the component.
      Grinding point with mixed grit (AW-CER) in hardness J. Soft bonded combination of white aluminium oxide and ceramic micro-crystalline sintered aluminium oxide with high self-sharpening characteristics for consistently high metal removal rates coupled with cool grinding behaviour (Pferd designation AWCO).
      Coarse, 46 grit.


      Recommended cutting speed 30 − 50 m/s.
      For surface grinding of superalloys that are difficult to grind such as titanium materials, nickel and cobalt-based alloys, and also hardened steel.