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      Article no.: 659950

      Torque screwdriver 2

      Brand: Wera
      Direction of tightening Right-hand tightening
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      Torque screwdriver 2

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      Proven Kraftform handle, from 5 Nm with pistol grip. Every screwdriver is preset to the correct torque for each size of screw.
      A sealing ring protects the mechanism in the handle from interference and inadvertent adjustment. Drive size and torque are stamped on the end of the handle.
      When the set torque is reached the screwdriver triggers with clearly audible and perceptible signals. It is not possible to tighten the screw any further.
      Size 2 − 4 for socket head screws.
      Size TX6 − TX20 for screws with Torx® profile.
      Size 6IP − 20IP for screws with Torx Plus® profile.


      Ideal for fitting indexable inserts.


      Tested to DIN EN ISO 6789.


      The guaranteed measuring accuracy of the torque is achieved only once the torque range has been calibrated to DIN EN ISO 6789.