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      Article no.: 659975

      Torque multiplier in a sheet metal case 800 Nm

      Brand: Stahlwille
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      Torque multiplier in a sheet metal case 800 Nm

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      Mechanical manual torque multiplier for controlled screw tightening. Multiplier and support of high-quality steel. With overload shut-off to protect the transmission. Input drive with internal square socket for drive tools such as a ratchet, T-handle, torque wrench. It is sensible to operate the device with a torque wrench, so that the maximum load and the screw torque values can be checked. Output drive with external square for holding sockets (preferably use impact sockets due to the high torques).
      Precise planetary transmissions guarantee exact torque transfer with long-term accuracy of ±5 %.


      Torque multipliers allow the transmission of higher torques with a correspondingly shorter lever arm.


      Alternative reaction plates for No. 659980 available on request (apart from sizes 1300 and 2700). No. 659980 size 2000 + 6000 available on request with electronic measured value sensors.