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      Article no.: 657800

      Open jaw plug-in head 1-8 mm

      Brand: Stahlwille
      Exchangeable tool Plug-in head
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      Open jaw plug-in head 1-8 mm

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      Drop forged; all plug-in heads = Rectangular shank with spring retaining pin. This ensures a solid and secure fit of the plug-in head in the torque wrench.


      Chrome alloy steel, non-flaking, chrome-plated over nickel.

      Suitable for:

      Torque wrench with rectangular sockets.


      For sizes 1−18, 1−19, 2-27, 2-30, 2−32, 2−36, 2−38 and 2−41 reference dimension correction necessary on the torque wrench (change to the setting value). This applies only in conjunction with a Stahlwille torque wrench.