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      Article no.: 655270

      Electronic torque wrench / rotational angle wrench 60 Nm

      Brand: Stahlwille
      Measuring accuracy rotational angle ±1
      Direction of tightening For right and left-hand tightening
      Test certificate Manufacturer’s test certificate
      Calibration O3
      Interface USB interface
      Calibration O5
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      Electronic torque wrench / rotational angle wrench 60 Nm

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      • Robust, compact body.
      • Easy and flexible operation with menu selection on a large display.
      • Recurrent screw settings can be collected on to a menu driven procedure.
      • Especially large measuring range (5% − 100% of the nominal value).
      • Adjustable early warning of the visual, tactile and acoustic signals.
      • Resistant to oils, grease, fuel, brake fluid and Skydrol.
      • Programmable using a PC.
      • Easy to maintain due to simple adjustment and self-reporting of the next calibration due date.
      • Password protection against inadvertent change of settings and tampering.
      • With 3 batteries (1.5 V mignon / AA / LR6).
      • Torque and rotational angle both displayed at the same time.
      • Convenient rotational angle measurement, no need for a reference arm.

      Units of measure: N·m, lbf·ft, lbf·in.
      • Easy input of pitch settings: For plug-in heads with a different reference dimension, simply input the new dimension. No laborious calculations with formulae.
      • QuickRelease: Secure engagement and quick change of plug-in heads.
      • Rotation angle measurement needs no reference arm.
      • Easy to use: All functions can be selected using the arrow keys. Clear and simple controls.
      • Warning signals: Warning signals can be selected as audible (buzzer), tactile (vibration in the handle), visual (LEDs and display) or any combination of these. The early warning point can be entered individually.
      • Any point of application of force: The measurement remains precise in all cases, irrespective of where you grip the torque wrench.
      • Data output: The USB interface allows the saved data to be read out and analysed via PC.
      • Background illumination of the display for better legibility and evaluation of the screwing process (traffic light principle).


      Tested to DIN EN ISO 6789.

      Supplied with:

      Sturdy plastic box (size 400 in sturdy sheet metal box) and 3 batteries (1.5 V mignon / AA / LR6).

      Optional extras:

      USB adapter, cable with latching plug and SENSOMASTER 4 software.


      The guaranteed measuring accuracy of the torque is achieved only once the torque range has been calibrated to DIN EN ISO 6789.