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      Article no.: 655250

      Electronic torque / rotational angle wrench without plug-in head 15 Nm GARANT

      Brand: GARANT
      Test certificate Manufacturer’s test certificate
      Calibration O3
      Direction of tightening For right and left-hand tightening
      Calibration O5
      Interface USB interface
      Measuring accuracy rotational angle ±2
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      Electronic torque / rotational angle wrench without plug-in head 15 ...

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      Highly precise electronic torque / rotational angle wrench for very reliable screw tightening and checking of screw fastenings. Clear OLED display with colour screen and extremely simple menu navigation. Sturdy wrench with compact housing and sturdy rectangular section shaft. “Direct mode” allows quick general-purpose use. There are up to 200 user-specific screw tightening cases which can be programmed, which can be incorporated in procedural plans. 4 measurement modes: Torque and angle of rotation. Process reliability results achieved by torque with angular monitoring or rotational angle with torque monitoring. Memory capacity for up to 2500 measurements included. Can be programmed by a PC; password protection for security against tampering. Rotary angle measurement can be programmed easily, no reference arm required. Target values and tolerances can be specified. Peak and Track function modes.
      Units of measure: N·m, lbf·ft, lbf·in.
      Torque/rotational angle wrench with outstanding ergonomics and uniquely user-friendly operation.
      • Reversible ratchet with ejector.
      • Easy input of pitch settings: For tools with a different pitch setting simply input the new pitch. No laborious calculations with formulae.
      • QuickRelease: Secure engagement and quick change of plug-in heads.
      • Data output: The USB interface allows the saved data to be read out and analysed via PC.
      • Warning signals: – Acoustic (buzzer) − Visual via 3 LEDs and a colour screen − Tactile (vibration in the handle)
      • Secure controls. No double assignment of keys.
      • Comfort setting


      Tested to DIN EN ISO 6789.

      Supplied with:

      With sturdy plastic case (size 400 in a sturdy sheet metal case) and 3 batteries (1.5 V Mignon / AA / LR6), USB data cable, and software for transmitting the measured data.