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      Article no.: 640250

      Heavy-duty ratchet 1/2″ &Koloss& with hammer function

      Brand: Wera
      Square drive 1/2
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      Heavy-duty ratchet 1/2″ &Koloss& with hammer function

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      Material selection and special forging process guarantee optimal functioning and long life.
      Heavy-duty ratchet driver with forged hammer head and push-through square. Double-release toothing for only 6° working arc. Hollow end to the handle for extension or for spreader and centring mandrel.


      2 tools in one for heavy bolt-tightening / assembly work e. g. in plant installation, shipbuilding, scaffolding, maintenance work etc.


      External square drives to DIN 3120-A 12.5 with spring ball.

      Suitable for:

      Manual use.

      Supplied with:

      Ratchet with protective elastomer pad and nylon belt strap.

      Accessories and spare parts

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      • Subsequent delivery