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      Article no.: 641135

      Extension, 1/2″ &Wobbel-Fix& 50 mm

      Brand: Ko-ken
      Square with Wobble-Fix with angle of inclination
      Square drive 1/2
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      Extension, 1/2″ &Wobbel-Fix& 50 mm

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      Material selection and special forging process guarantee optimal functioning and long life.
      “Blind” interlocking possible due to bevelled edges on male and female coupling. Pivot angle up to 15° available to either side.
      Two-stage extension, can be fixed by registration.


      External square drives to DIN 3120-A 12.5 with sprung ball, internal square drives to DIN 3120-C 12.5 with grooves.


      Chrome vanadium steel, chrome-plated.

      Suitable for:

      Manual use.