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      Article no.: 642450

      Bi-hexagon spark plug socket 1/2″ 16 mm

      Brand: Stahlwille
      Square drive 1/2
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      Bi-hexagon spark plug socket 1/2″ 16 mm

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      Forged from high quality steel, internally bevelled for easy fitting to bolt heads. Close tolerance internal square for secure fit on the tool. Square socket drives to DIN 3120.
      With rubber insert for holding the spark plug.
      Optimum grain orientation due to special forging process. Close tolerance width across flats. No rounding of bolt corners, nuts and bolt heads are protected. Hardened in an oil bath, stress-relieved and distortion-free for a precision fit. Smoothed finish.


      Chrome alloy steel, non-flaking, chrome-plated over nickel.