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      Article no.: 660040

      Screwdriver with 2-component Santoprene handle 3,5 mm

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      Screwdriver with 2-component Santoprene handle 3,5 mm

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      Versatile, robust screwdriver with taper or parallel blade (tip).
      The special surface structure allows transmission of high torques, even with wet or oily hands. Blades of chrome vanadium special alloy, combining maximum hardness with exceptional toughness.
      Surface nickel-plated and chrome-plated, with black plane parallel stepped tips.
      Handle with “Rainbow” colour coding for finding the correct drive size quickly.
      • Stepped plane parallel tips match screw head slot sizes exactly.
      • Smooth, burr-free rounding of the end of the handle prevents friction in the palm of the hand.
      • Rounded ergonomic shape with comfortable easy-grip surface ensures non-fatiguing working and high torque transmission.
      • Non-roll flats.
      • Marked with drive symbol and size.

      Handle with a non-allergenic elastomer coating and a core of particularly tough and impact-resistant polypropylene.


      For repair and assembly work, for loosening tight screws etc.