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      Article no.: 360110

      Clamping rail 120 600 mm GARANT

      Brand: GARANT
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      Clamping rail 120 600 mm GARANT

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      • All functional faces precision ground, pairing accuracy 0.03 mm.
      • Base rail and jaws case hardened.
      • Compact modular design, high clamping force up to 40 kN, maximum tightening torque 50 Nm.
      • Attachment hole pattern for GARANT ZeroClamp zero-point clamping system (reference dimension 200 mm) as standard, can be mounted on clamping plates or matrix tables, or using table clamps.
      • Ruler inset into the top face permits repeatable positioning of the clamp attachments in the serrations of the clamping rail.
      • Variable pitches can be achieved using cross connectors.
      • Conventional and Gripp clamping available.
      • Clamping range can be extended individually.
      • Easily clamped using a torque wrench.


      • 5-face machining on multi-axis machining centres.
      • As a cost-effective clamping solution for use with the GARANT ZeroClamp zero-point clamping system or with pallet and automated systems, or directly on to the machine table or clamping towers.

      Optional extras:

      Clamping jaw variants, magnetic strip, workpiece backstop see No.360112 to 360129. Torque wrench No.656050 size60, clamping stud No.360025 size18M16, clamp No. 360127.