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      Article no.: 309612

      ER plain bearing clamping nut 16 GARANT

      Brand: GARANT
      Norm DIN 6499 D
      Balance quality G at rotational speed G 2.5 at 25,000 rpm
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      ER plain bearing clamping nut 16 GARANT

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      Thread and taper ground in a single setup for highest concentricity.
      With plain bearings, delivering lower friction and higher clamping force.

      Suitable for:

      All standard ER collet chucks.

      Optional extras:

      ER clamping wrench, No. 309680 − 309740.
      Single open ended spanner (for size 16), No. 613300 size 25.


      Collet chuck and clamping nut are balanced separately!