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      Article no.: 333640

      Multi-range collet Rubber-Flex 2,5-4,5 mm

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      Multi-range collet Rubber-Flex 2,5-4,5 mm

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      • Time-efficient measurement of position and run-out
      • No laborious arrangement with a stand and dial indicator
      • Better process reliability achieved by regular checking
      • Easy to use
      • Fewer machine faults and longer tool life


      For checking the axes, run-out measurement, determination of positions (such as toolholder, workpiece).

      Suitable for:

      Edalmatic tapping head No. 333500.

      Supplied with:

      Supplied in a case with foam, checking device, precision dial comparator, attachment magnet, cylindrical mount for attachment, mirror for reading the measurement value, hex key L-wrench.