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      Article no.: 318000

      Quick-change lathe tool post AA

      Brand: AXA
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      Quick-change lathe tool post AA

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      Place the lathe tool post with its surface-ground face on to the cross slide in a horizontal position and clamp it. To do this, the bore of the centring plate must have been turned beforehand. Alignment is performed with the boring bar and boring bar holder clamped in position, aligned at right angles to the face plate. Then adjust the pointer to the zero mark of the cover disc and tighten the T-bolt securely. For precision lathe work or heavy roughing cuts, it is advisable to secure the post with two dowel pins. The holes are pre-drilled.

      Supplied with:

      1 eccentric lever for No. 318000, 1 tool post key for No. 318100 / 8200.


      Toolholder head and bracket type E available on request.
      Version and further applications can be found in the table on page 844.