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      Article no.: 315900

      Jaw cutting attachment 153/110 mm

      Brand: Röhm
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      Jaw cutting attachment 153/110 mm

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      Within the body is a drop-forged gear scroll, which is rotated via a knurl ring on the periphery of the body. This gear scroll moves 3 reversible adjustment jaws steplessly inwards or outwards. For turning, the clamping screws of the adjustment jaws are positioned in the bore of the lathe chuck top jaws and the chuck is tightened. During turning the chuck is in the same condition (preloaded) as for the subsequent workpiece machining.

      Version - image:

      Adjustment jaws
      Housing with spiral ring
      Top jaws
      Insert screw


      For precision machining internal and external diameters of soft top jaws on lathe chucks. Also suitable for external and internal re-grinding of hardened top jaws to correct radial runout.