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Connected Manufacturing - Your digital tool management

From now on have an overview accurate to the second!

Are you familiar with the daily challenges you face in production planning?

You have the perfect job for your machinery. All that remains to be done is to plan it well and to calculate the cost. But which machine can be used? Which jobs are currently being processed on the machines? And are the right tools available? Questions you no longer have to ask yourself, instead you can expect to get answers that are accurate to the second:

Enormous efficiency increases in tool preparation

Connected Manufacturing provides you with the intuitive and convenient overview necessary for your work:

  • An end to paper chaos and Excel tables.
  • Check of production status in real-time.
  • Significant reduction of workload thanks to central documentation.
  • Connected Manufacturing gives a quick and clear overview of which tools are available, which need to be assembled and where they are located.
  • Tool information can quickly be displayed and transmitted by scan. Your machine utilisation will increase noticeably.

Organise your production

  • Hoffmann Group "Connected Manufacturing" enables you to create and manage jobs and work plans.
  • Central and clear documentation of all jobs.

– and save more than 2,000 per year!

The new software solution: Connected Manufacturing – networked, transparent and efficient

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Are you familiar with the challenges you face in other production processes?

No more annoying searching! Are you familiar with the daily challenges you face in CAD planning?

Never be furious again! Are you familiar with the daily challenges you face in tool preparation?

Finally work without errors! Are you familiar with the daily challenges you face in production?

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We offer individual advice on the topic of Connected Manufacturing, working with you to find a solution that is right for your application.

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eMail: connectedmanufacturing@hoffmann-group.com

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