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Connected Manufacturing (CM) Basic is a digital tool management to organise information on available tools. The centrally documented tool data ensures an efficient and transparent production process. In addition, the stock and storage location of tools can be determined and the demand can be planned accordingly. Connected Manufacturing Basic is a cloud-based solution, without additional expenses for IT and maintenance.

It just takes 3 steps to get started:
1. Request access > 2. Preparatory measures > 3. Start

Other packages are also available for you:
Connected Manufacturing - Cloud-based tool management with CAM interface including machine connection Click here for the package

> Calculate your cost savings (Excel) (XLSX)
> More information about the cost savings (PDF)

You can find the suitable RFID accessories in our eShop:

Art. no.: 08 5670 PEN

RFID Reader

Art. no.: 08 5672 TAG

RFID Chip Tag 100 pieces

Art. no.: 08 5673 PLUG

RFID Chip Plug 100 pieces

We are constantly working to expand our range of supported devices & systems.

These CAD / CAM systems are currently supported:

General import via Excel

Additionally, we offer a generic interface to other CAM systems.
Please contact us!

„Connected Manufacturing Basic” - Information from preparation to commissioning

With CM Basic you can get started right away. We simply activate your access.
- Test CM Basic for 1 month - free of charge!
- Your tools are created automatically thanks to CAM import, enabling you to start immediately.
Operation is very easy and so intuitive that no special training is neccessary.

> Click here for more information (PDF)

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