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      eForm / eShape - Isn't it great when you find everything in its place?


      eForm: individual rigid foam inlays

      Our online configurator allows you to plan your rigid foam inlays exactly in line with your requirements.
      Choose from the 3D variant with 100% accurate depth selection and the lower-cost 2D variant with a single common milled depth throughout.
      You'll then receive a detailed quotation – outlined with exceptional clarity, down to the last penny. Our solution also includes a useful project archive containing all the project information you need.

      The benefits to your are:

      • 100% accuracy of fit for your tools
      • Missing tools are easily spotted
      • Quicker removal of tools (no more searching)
      • Quick, virtual planning on our website
      • Important component of the 5S method

      New in the configurator:

      eShape for workstations tailored to your requirements.

      Whether shorter worktops, cut-outs or cable pass-throughs: Simply select an in-stock worktop from the database and configure it for your individual needs. Your customised worktop will of course be made to your exact specifications.

      Further information can be found in the online configurator for eForm & eShape.

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      Service video

      eForm rigid foam inlays: online configurator

      With the online configurator you can plan your tailor-made rigid foam inlay to exactly suit your requirements. Benefit from more than 10,000 pre-installed tool shapes and create a rigid foam inlay that will help you to easily spot if a tool is missing due to the 2-colour foam.

      You need to have an eShop account in order to be able to use the eForm configurator.


      Further product information

      Further information about the eForm rigid foam inlays and about the new scanning pads, foam thicknesses and colours, laser labelling or recessed grip service can be found in our online brochure:

      FAQs - eForm

      So that no questions remain unanswered and so that you can work with eForm without encountering any problems, we have provided some answers for you in the following FAQs.