Responsibility for people and the environment

Adopting a sense of responsibility isn't something we feel obliged to do – it's something we truly believe in. For decades now, the Hoffmann Group has been championing causes on behalf of both people and the environment, and this commitment has become enshrined in our company culture and actions.

The Hoffmann Group Foundation

We provide support for children and young people who are disadvantaged because of a difficult social environment, severe illness, or mental or physical disability. Our aim is to foster long-term empowerment for them so that they can lead independent, fulfilling lives.

It was with this in mind that the Hoffmann Group Foundation was set up. In Peißenberg, Germany, we support the ORANGE HOUSE, a centre which develops and provides services for children and young people who come from difficult family backgrounds. Its concept is founded on the triple pillars of shared activities, therapy and readying its service recipients for the professional world, with a focus on providing courses that are designed to give them experience and build confidence in their own strengths and abilities. A workshop, indoor riding arena and other generously sized therapy rooms create space for therapeutic horseback riding; experiential education; art, music and dance therapy; and much more besides.

Inspired by the success that this creative and therapy centre has achieved, we are currently planning to set up the second ORANGE HOUSE, this time in Bremen. Not only that, but we also lend our support to the LEBENSRÄUME project – translating roughly as LIVING SPACE, this provides day care facilities for children and their mentally ill parents – plus the Grundmühle initiative for children with emotional and behavioural problems, located in the town of Hann. Münden.

Would you like to become a sponsor and help us with our work? We would love you to get involved.

Sustainability / ESG

Sustainability is an integral part of Hoffmann's culture. Through the holistic integration of various ESG criteria (Environmental, Social, Governance) into our business activities, we create sustainable added value for our employees, customers and other stakeholders.

Due to the diversity of sustainability, we believe it is important to prioritise ESG issues and define strategic areas of action for Hoffmann. Based on a materiality analysis, which we review regularly, we therefore define the content of our sustainability strategy. The United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) also provide an important framework. They define global priorities and goals for sustainable development until 2030 and aim to mobilise global efforts to achieve a common set of goals and targets. The Hoffmann Group also wants to contribute to this transformation.

Sustainability Publication (PDF)

Code of Conduct

Our aim is to deliver the highest standards. And that includes the way in which we conduct ourselves. Ethical and lawful conduct should be a standard that all Hoffmann employees uphold as a matter of course. To help them do this, we have drawn up a Code of Conduct that sets out clear rules on how to act in relation to competitors, customers and suppliers – covering subjects such as prohibition of price fixing as well as granting or accepting favours. This Code of Conduct is binding for all our employees. We also make it available to our affiliated companies and ask them to introduce similar guidelines so that we can be sure our principles are being upheld throughout the Group.

Code of Conduct (PDF)
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