Save resources with products that do not require hazard labels

What are products that do not require hazard labels?

Whether a gas, liquid or solid – many workplaces have hazardous substances, often as cleaning agents and adhesives, for example. Correctly handling them can complicate operations and therefore cause extra costs. Intoducing our exclusive brand GARANT, with the environmentally friendly GreenPlus product range “adhesives” and “cleaning agents”. The cleaning agents, for example, are water-based (and therefore do not contain any harmful chemicals), VOC-free or VOC-reduced. By getting rid of aerosol cans and solvents, the cleaning agents are no longer pressurised and therefore do not pose an explosion risk. That makes working with GARANT GreenPlus products completely safe.

Increase safety, simplify processes, save resources

Using products that do not require hazard labels reduces health and safety risks for employees and helps protect the environment. At the same time, work steps and resources can be reduced and conserved respectively.

  • For example, it becomes easier to purchase cleaning agents and adhesives as GARANT GreenPlus is approved throughout Europe.
  • By reducing the potential hazard, certain guidelines that would be required for hazardous substances are eliminated for the employees handling the products.
  • According to a European legislation, employers are obligated to carry out a risk assessments for activities which involve hazardous substances and provide the relevant instructions. Employees must be briefed accordingly. Due to the classification regulations as laid down in the CLP Regulation, this requirement does not apply to GreenPlus products.
  • Additional disposal costs can also be reduced.
  • The products can be accessed faster because they can be stored on open shelving and do not need to be stored in hazardous substances cabinets.
  • Intralogistics are simplified as hazardous substance specifications do not need to be observed during transportation.

How to ensure a smooth transition to products that do not require hazard labels

The energy crisis has made us more aware of the fact that sustainability and efficiency improvements have become key pillars of industrial companies. By focussing on products that do not require hazard labels, we take an important step in ensuring resources are protected for the long term. The GARANT GreenPlus product range will help you achieve this goal. Making a change isn’t always easy – but it’s worth it in the long run.

Hoffmann Group - GARANT GreenPlus Brochure

All information on our GreenPlus products

You can find detailed information and all areas of application in our brochure on GreenPlus products.

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How to ensure a smooth transition to products that do not require hazard labels


GARANT GreenPlus, the sustainable way to clean and bond components

To ensure a smooth transition to products that do not require hazard labels, we have created a video containing the most important information on the products.

Uni Line

Quickly to hand.

Products that do not require hazard labels do not need to be laboriously stored away in hazardous substance cabinets and can be quickly accessed in our GARANT Uni Line.

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Our products that do not require hazard labels

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