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      Article no.: 082922

      Modular ultrasonic cleaning bath MOD

      Brand: Sonoswiss

      Modular ultrasonic cleaning bath MOD

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      The cleaning baths are made of wear-resistant stainless steel. The automatic temperature regulation can be set in 5°C steps between + 30°C and + 80°C.
      Modular ultrasonic cleaning baths with multi-frequency capability. Containment trays made of duplex stainless steel with particularly high tensile strength and high fatigue strength. Flexible operating capability, optionally with oscillation, skimmer for oil separation, pump filtration for continuous bath servicing can be retrofitted. Additional ultrasonic systems on the tray side and can be extended by flushing device and hot air dryer.
      • Ultrasonic vibration systems: Multiple ultrasonic vibratory systems create tiny microscopic vacuum bubbles in the cleaning fluid. These bubbles then implode due to variations in pressure, by which means they remove the dirt particles from the surface of the component being cleaned.
      • Boost function: Second cleaning stage “Powerclean” for intensive cleaning of heavy soiling and oxidation.
      • Sweep function: For a homogeneous sonic field distribution.
      • Degassing and auto-degassing function: Degassing cleaning fluid when it is used for the first time.


      For removal of oil, grease, grinding fluids, polishing fluids, paint residues, flux, oxide layers, carbon deposits, scale from nearly all surfaces and even from inaccessible places, whilst treating the component being cleaned with the utmost care. Use special power cleaner depending on the dirt and effectiveness required(No. 082930). The component to be cleaned must be completely surrounded by cleaning fluid.

      Supplied with:

      Ultrasonic cleaning bath with cover, without basket (No. 082926).


      Further sizes and types on request.
      Mono ultrasonic cleaning bath with welded duplex stainless steel bath for particularly difficult applications such as contamination with grinding and polishing agents, available on request.
      Component basket can be found under No. 082926 ff. in the online shop.
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