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Multi-purpose oil

Brand: WD-40
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Multi-purpose oil

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WD-40 multi-function oil is proven world-wide, almost completely odourless, uses non-polluting propellant, is Teflon, resin, silicone, and acid-free.


  • Rust remover with penetrating capillary effect − quickly releases seized bolts and nuts.
  • Cleaner: loosens stubborn dirt, without sticking or gumming up.
  • Lubricant for all sliding surfaces, precision mechanics, hinges, Bowden cables, locks and catches.
  • Corrosion protection: WD-40 penetrates under moisture and into the pores of the material to be protected, thus preserving it. Delicate and expensive tools retain their value.
  • Contact spray: displaces moisture from electrical components.


Approved by: Rolls Royce, Daimler, Airbus, VW amongst others.
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