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      GARANT micro-milling cutters are now also available for high-alloy and hardened steels

      GARANT Mikrofraeser Rotring 200x400.jpg

      The high-precision solid carbide micro-milling cutters from the Hoffmann Group are capable of extreme repetition accuracy. With immediate effect they are also available for machining high-alloy and hardened steels.

      The micro-milling cutters have a particularly tight tolerance band of only 0 to -0.005 millimetres and enable milling operations to a precision of only a few microns. Due to the expansion of the range, high-performance tools are now available for an even broader spectrum of materials in toolmaking and mould making. The first micro-milling cutters of the new generation were produced in autumn 2017, for machining aluminium and copper alloys, graphite and fibre-reinforced composites.

      The new GARANT micro-precision milling cutters are available in three versions: “sharp-edged milling cutters”, “torus cutters” and “copy slot drills”. Special micro-geometries make the cutting edges extremely stable; optimised face and tip angles coupled with enlarged flutes regulate chip formation and ensure optimum chip evacuation. The latest generation of Diabolo coating imparts extremely high wear resistance to the new micro-milling cutters. The multi-layer coating of titanium-silicon nitride is 1 to 2 microns thick and ensures outstanding results, even on electrolytic copper. Thanks to the latest carbide substrates the new GARANT micro-milling cutters offer very good process reliability.

      The new GARANT micro-milling cutters for high-alloy and hardened steels are available with immediate effect from the Hoffmann Group e-Shop and from the 2018/2019 catalogue.