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      GARANT MasterTM is setting the benchmark for thread milling cutters

      GARANT MasterTM_400x800.jpg
      The GARANT MasterTM high-performance thread miller has been optimised for a wide range of materials such as cast iron, stainless steel and high-strength steel.

      Anti-vibration high-performance thread miller with unevenly spaced cutting edges offers greater process reliability and efficiency

      After the GARANT MasterTap, the Hoffmann Group is now presenting the universally compatible GARANT MasterTM thread milling cutter.

      The new solid carbide thread milling cutter creates lower cutting forces than conventional thread milling cutters thanks to a new cutter geometry. Its unevenly spaced cutting edges and the dynamic helical pitch make for particularly low vibration during use. The comparably high number of teeth is an advantage for performance capability and efficiency. Whether it is cast iron, stainless steel or high-strength steel – the GARANT MasterTM ensures process reliability in use. The new GARANT MasterTM will be available starting 1 August 2018. At AMB in Stuttgart, it will be exhibited for the first time to a wider public.

      Radial cutting forces and vibrations reduce process reliability in thread milling cutters. To minimise these influencing factors, when developing the GARANT MasterTM, a special geometry feature was re-employed – a feature which was tried and tested in the solid carbide roughing end mill: the uneven spacing of the cutting edges. For the GARANT MasterTM thread milling cutter, this is achieved with an unequal helical pitch. This makes the tool especially quiet and does not allow drifting. The result is a precise milling finish and clear gains in the tool life. Thanks to its increased number of teeth, the GARANT MasterTM also achieves a higher contour feed rate – yet another plus for efficiency. With its optimised thread profile, the tool also prevents profile distortion and enables the production of precise threading that conforms to standards with excellent surface quality.

      Thanks to the newly developed universal geometry and a special high-performance coating, the new GARANT MasterTM is designed for use with a wide range of materials including cast iron, stainless steel or high-strength steel. State-of-the-art coating technology for wear protection as well as a new solid carbide substrate make the tool robust, durable and resistant against bending. These qualities make the GARANT MasterTM suitable for every application as a high-performance thread miller. This means just one single tool is required on the machine for thread machining.

      The new GARANT MasterTM was developed with the highest precision and requirements for high-performance cutting, as are all high-performance tools in the “GARANT Master” product family. As well as the GARANT MasterTap, the product family includes the two solid carbide drills GARANT MasterSteel SPEED and FEED, a classic four-bladed milling cutter, and the solid carbide mills GARANT MasterSteel SlotMachine, GARANT MasterSteel PickPocket and the GARANT MasterSteel finishing cutters.