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      Item no.: 082950

      Cleaner, KD-Check PR-2

      Brand: Karl Deutsch
      Labelling of hazardous substances GHS07 caution
      Labelling of hazardous substances GHS02 flammable

      Cleaner, KD-Check PR-2

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      Dirty crack
      Application of red dye penetrant.
      Intermediate cleaning
      Wet developer application
      Crack detection


      The crack detection fluid allows non-destructive testing for surface cracks and pores, using the dye penetrant method. Virtually all metallic and non-metallic material surfaces (steel, plastic, aluminium, brass) can be tested in this way. This crack detection method is approved to DIN EN ISO 3452; in accordance with TRGS 614. This dye penetrant method requires no additional media.
      The cleaner is for preparatory and intermediate cleaning of the components. Intermediate cleaning removes surplus dye penetrant.


      Not available in all countries. Express delivery not possible.

      Technical Data

      Product name attribute
      500 ml 
      Labelling of hazardous substances
      GHS02 flammable ; GHS07 Caution