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      Item no.: 085995

      UL Plus lifting magnet

      Test certificate Manufacturer’s test certificate
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      UL Plus lifting magnet

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      Compact, robust design with neodymium permanent magnets. Optimum performance even with large air gaps, no stray fields. Certified break-away force (see test certificate).
      Easy-action operating handle with safety catch for the switch mechanism. The safety plate permits an advance check of the load to be lifted, guarantees a safety factor of 3:1.


      For safe handling and transporting of flat and round materials (No. 085990 / 085992 / 085995) or of thin flat materials (No. 085985).
      For steel or cast iron parts, plates, rods or pipes. For use in warehouses, foundries / steelworks, storage of steel, tool-making, and production areas.

      Technical Data

      Test certificate
      Manufacturer’s test certificate