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GARANT LED magnifying glass lamp with upright tube and flexible neck.

Elegant magnifying glass lamp with high light intensity. Lamp head, upright tube, and flexible neck of sturdy metal.
- The specially developed lamp cover with integral optics focuses the light without dazzling and with minimum scattering losses on the inspection area (4× more light per Watt than a fluorescent tube, working life approx. 50,000 h = 6 years 24/7).
- Distortion-free, hard-coated plastic lens.
- Modern highly efficient lighting concept, consisting of 63 LEDs on a ring base.
- The lamp is switched and dimmed by placing a finger on a soft-touch sensor.
- The high quality flexible neck means the lamp can be used everywhere.

This lamp incorporates built-in LED bulbs. The LED bulbs cannot be changed within the lamp. The lamp incorporates built-in LED bulbs energy efficiency class: A+. Advantage: 6 years 100 % illumination with no maintenance costs. Easy and quick to clean (enclosed system). Insensitive to vibration. Functional design. With plug-in power supply adapter 100 - 240 V, lens cover and table clamp No. 49 1492 size TK.

LED magnifying glass lamp (art. No. P49002) >




GARANT LED magnifying glass lamp with large viewing area

Innovative design of magnifying glass lamp for the most demanding applications. Large viewing area with ⌀ 153 mm for distortion-free viewing. Robust jointed arms, well balanced with spring restraint, hold the exact position.

- Absolutely scratch-resistant glass lens.
- 3D head joint for individual adjustment and fixing.
- Illumination: 48 high-power LEDs, power consumption only 14 W. Light intensity 6000 Lx, can be steplessly dimmed down to 10 %, LED working life up to 50,000 h.
- The segment circuit (visualiser) permits lighting effects that emphasise the structure. Colour reproduction stage 1A for brilliant rendering of colours. 

This lamp incorporates built-in LED bulbs. The LED bulbs cannot be changed within the lamp. This lamp incorporates built-in LED bulbs, energy efficiency class: A+.

< LED magnifying glass lamp (art. No. P49003)
< LED magnifying glass lamp with additional lens ⌀ 30 mm (art. No. P49004)





HOLEX LED magnifying glass lamp

Magnifying glass with high-quality SMD-LEDs for non-reflecting, shadow-free and evenly illuminated field of work. Sharp-edged image, free of distortion. Long-lived LEDs (up to 50,000 h), low power consumption.
This lamp incorporates long-life LED bulbs. The LED bulbs cannot be changed within the lamp. This lamp incorporates LED bulbs energy efficiency class: A. Supplied with:Lens cover, table clamp for worktop thicknesses 10 - 62 mm (size 100 with table base).

Size 100 – 48 SMD-LEDs. Additional lens ⌀ 22 mm for 3.5x magnification.
Size 125 – 60 SMD-LEDs; 2 brightness levels

LED magnifying glass lamp (art. No. P49005) >




GARANT work place illumination - LED lighting units for support structure

Suitable for: Support arm bracket No. 92 3011 and 92 3012. Lighting unit complete with lampholder and connecting cable for fitting to No. 92 3405 ON/OFF or 92 3005 ON/OFF (industrial plug). Maintenance-free LED technology with long working life. The energy-efficient light source is even, does not flicker or dazzle and has a balanced spectral distribution which allows good colour recognition and high definition of contours and contrasts.
Colour temperature / light colour approx. 4000 K.
Silver body of sheet metal with PMMA diffuser.

< LED lighting unit (art. No. 923602)
< LED lighting unit with ON/OFF switch (art. No. 923603)





Waldmann Arbeitsplatzbeleuchtung – LED-Gestängeleuchten 

Effiziente hochwertige und wartungsfreie LED-Technologie mit homogener, schatten- und blendfreier Ausleuchtung. Folientaster mit Ein/Aus und Dimmung (bis auf 10 % stufenlos mit Memory-Funktion). Gehäuse aus farblos eloxiertem Aluminium. Federentlastetes Gestänge mit 3D-Kopfgelenk. Farbtemperatur neutralweiß 4.000 K.
Inklusive Tischklemme (Klemmbereich 0 – 70 mm) und 3,0 m Anschlussleitung mit Euro-Stecker. 

Größe 31 – Mit 24 Leuchtdioden
Größe 47 – Mit 36 Leuchtdioden 

LED-Gestängeleuchte Taneo (Art. Nr. 923752) jetzt ab 530,– € >

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