Workstations - Empowering Productivity through Precise Storage and Workability

Precision is essential to productivity and profitability in manufacturing processes. Small miscalculations can quickly become large issues and seconds lost in productivity can translate into minutes or even hours. Therefore, to assure precision and efficiency at all times, skilled workers rely on workstations that perform just as effectively as they do.

Imagine a sterile manufacturing workstation that wasn’t well-planned. You can’t move through your tasks as efficiently as you would like. Your process involves an arduous tango of awkward, less than effective steps that require you to expend extra time and effort to complete your job. It’s frustrating and time consuming. Sound familiar? If so, keep reading. 

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Hoffmann Group USA provides a “one-stop shop” for workstations and storage equipment. Our CAD-based project planning means there are no details lost; no corners cut for the perfect, efficient workstation. Our customization process is smooth and designed to provide quality solutions for you.
Our team can tailor everything to your needs: from in-house manufacturing and expert advice to turn-key installation. We’ve got you covered for all your workstation needs.

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Workflow efficiency meets its match with our experienced consultants offering expert advice to take your process and develop a streamlined space to meet all your needs. This translates into time and money saved. Our CAD-based system of planning creates virtual layouts with accurate details and practical scenarios in mind. We also consider little things like ergonomics, traffic areas, lighting conditions, health and safety, and the 5S method – you know, those things that are really important to you. In addition, we offer a wide selection of worktop materials, secure closing systems, and practical partition materials.

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Once you have laid out your fully-functional, well-lit, cost effective, time-saving workspace, we take care of the rest.
We will provide you with binding, transparent quotes that include everything. You will also receive a detailed list of all individual items as well as 3D drawings.

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If that wasn’t enough, we’ll also bring it right to your door and can deliver more than 2,000 workstation and storage products from stock.
Our goods are protected during delivery so you will receive the right equipment at the right time, in the right place. Once your delivery has arrived, our skilled installation team installs your workstations and storage solutions exactly as you’ve requested, using our precise 3D plans.

It really is that simple and it’s all waiting for you at

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