eForms – A Custom Fix for Your Tool Chaos and Clutter

Anyone who works with tools for a living has their favorites: a drill that makes the work more efficient, the screwdriver that fits your hand just right, or the pliers you’ve had with you your whole career. When those tools go missing it can cause chaos in your process and progress.  

Maintaining order amongst your tools is difficult regardless of the industry. Sometimes, you need to use multiple tools at once. Sometimes, someone borrows a tool with the promise of bringing it back. Sometimes, you’re in a hurry and throw a tool in a drawer thinking you’ll remember where it is later. This can lead to chaos and cluttered drawers when you’re in a hurry to find the exact tool you need. Especially if that tool is one of your favorites. 
What if you could identify a missing tool without blinking? What if your tools could be organized by job? What if you had a custom storage solution for all your favorites? 

That’s why Hoffmann Group created eForms.

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Imagine every drawer of your cabinet, tool box, or tool cart being organized the way you want it, the same way, every day. Imagine an orderly storage solution tailored to your tools and your job. 

That’s why Hoffmann Group created eForms. 

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The eForm rigid foam inlay offers a specific place for every tool and improves the efficiency of any skilled manufacturing craftsman.

We say it’s easy, because it really is. Place your tools on the scanning pad. Take a picture using a digital camera or your phone. Upload your photo to the eForm system and layout the drawer any way you like. Presto! Your eForm is ready to be ordered!

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Need to make multiple workstation setups? We’ve got that covered too. Each tool is scanned in to your account, so you can reuse it anytime without additional scans. 

So, if your tools are never in the right place, go missing, or your drawer chaos needs to be cleaned up, eForm is for you. Here’s to better organization for your tools. Hoffmann Better.


Create custom eForms for your drawers, workstations, or tool boxes by logging in to the Hoffmann Group eShop here or contact us at 844.448.7725 to walk you through it. Designing yours is free.


eForm foam inlays

eForm foam inlays

See the eForm system in action here.

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