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Set of numeric punches, 10 pieces Dotstress 0 − 9

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Set of numeric punches, 10 pieces Dotstress 0 − 9

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Low stress Dotstress hand punches with a rounded nose, so that the material surface is exposed to lower stress when the punch is struck
Made of hard and tough steel with particularly precise machine engraving and depth tolerance; accurately centred. Calibrated shank, through hardened. Striking head enhancement for safe working. Supplied in a plastic case.
Normal script; i. e. the punched character can be read directly on the component.
High performance precision punches, chemically nickel-plated, very long service life.


For punching into materials with a strength up to 1200 N/mm2.

Spare part:

Individual number punches under No. 085411 size font height/number, e. g. No. 085411 size 3/1.
Individual letter punches under No. 085431 size font height/character, e.g. No. 085431 size 3/A.


Other hand and machine punches of all types, such as punches with a company's logo etc., are available on request.
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