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Swing away mounting and height adjuster with vice

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Swing away mounting and height adjuster with vice

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Sturdy and very strong forged parts / steel design. Very smooth-running and precise guidance due to CNC-machined components. Extremely strong clamping by the special locking device. Quicker clamping in any desired position by means of the safety clamping lever.
Safety function: The vice can be swung down to the correct lower position only when the fixing pin is engaged in the notch on the lift tube.


  • The vice, in conjunction with the height adjuster can be rotated through 360°, without the use of an additional swivel base.
  • The vice can be swung away under the bench to provide a clear working area.
  • Installation in a lockable cupboard with a door allows the swing away mounting and height adjuster to be stowed away and protected against theft (casing available on request).


For matching the height of the vice to the ergonomically ideal working height, to the nearest centimetre.

Supplied with:

Fasteners for attachment under the worktop.


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