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质量源自热情 长达 90 多年。

霍夫曼集团的历史可以追溯到 1919 年。从那时起,质量和专业的咨询也是我们的首要重点。 自那之后,我们增长有序,并踏上了成功的道路。 我们经常会问自己,我们还能做些其他的什么,或者,我们取得点滴进步的原因是什么。 也许是因为,我们对于每一把钳子和每一把扳手,对每一个切割片和每一把铣刀,关注的不仅仅是达到加工目的的方法和手段,而是将用户的最佳加工结果放在了首要的地位。 工具、市场和我们的服务方式始终在不断的发生变化。 但是我们的热情不会改变: 追求精优工具的热情,通过您手中的工具将实现极为完美的加工效果。
  • Gebäude_Oltrogge_1870.jpg


    Founding of the partner Oltrogge & Co. KG

  • Stammhaus Perschmann_klein.jpg


    Founding of the partners Hch. Perschmann GmbH

  • 1919_JosephHoffmann.jpg


    Founding of Hoffmann GmbH Qualitätswerkzeuge as the starting point for the Hoffmann Group

  • 1932.jpg


    Franz Hoffmann believes the company and its employees should act in a simple, focused and useful manner, laying a further foundation stone for today's success

  • 1936.jpg


    The first Hoffmann catalogue takes the industry by surprise

  • 1957_3.jpg


    The comprehensive Hoffmann catalogue with more than 350 pages is setting trends

  • Gödde 1960.jpg


    Founding of the partner Bert Gödde u. Söhne KG in Cologne

  • 1962

    Founding of the partner gebo Werkzeuge GmbH in Essen

  • 1958_Logo.png


    Always a step ahead: the premium brand GARANT is introduced

  • 1993

    Founding of the Hoffmann-Gruppe ("group") with the objective of achieving nationwide market leadership in Germany.

  • 1994_1.jpg


    Certification to DIN EN ISO 9001.

  • 1995_Internationalisierung_Spanien_Schweiz_Slowenien.jpg


    Start of internationalization with licence partners in Spain, Switzerland, and Slovenia

  • 2000_eCenter.jpg


    Introduction of the online ordering platform for approx. 50,000 quality tools

  • 2001_Zertifizierung.jpg


    The first sales company of the tool industry to become certified to the German Association of the Automotive Industry (Verbandes der Deutschen Automobilindustrie) VDA 6.2 (for service companies) and VDA 6.4 (for manufacturers of tools)

  • 2003_1.jpg


    Renaming of the Hoffmann-Gruppe to Hoffmann Group. Up to the present day, the only company with a TÜV certificate for over 99 % delivery availability. Joint expansion of sales in Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus with partners on-site

  • 2006_HoG_Foundation.jpg


    Opening of the TechnologyCenter in Nuremberg. Founding of the Hoffmann Group Foundation

  • 2007_2.jpg


    Laying of the foundation stone for the new European logistics centre in Nuremberg

  • 2007_1.jpg


    The orange catalogue is published in 14 languages – unique in Europe

  • 2008

    Opening of the CompetenceCentre Hoffmann Göppingen

  • 2008_Garant_eTool.jpg


    Launch of GARANT eTool: largest uniform CAD tooling database for machining and clamping technology

  • 2008

    Start of construction of the Orange House (cooperation between the Hoffmann Group Foundation and the Tabaluga Kinderstiftung (Children's Foundation))

  • 2009_Logistik_Nuernberg.jpg


    Opening of the Logistics Centre in Nuremberg - Europe's most modern logistics centre for the supply of tools

  • 2009_OrangeHouse.jpg


    Topping-out ceremony for the Orange House (a cooperation between the Hoffmann Group Foundation and the Tabaluga Kinderstiftung (Children's Foundation))

  • 2009

    Establishment of branches in China and Spain

  • 2009

    Establishment of branches in Romania and Hungary

  • 2010_3.jpg


    Introduction of GARANT 360° Tooling - a novelty in the tool industry

  • 2010_2.jpg


    Opening of the Orange House

  • 2011

    Integration of the companies Gebo Werkzeuge GmbH in Essen and the Netherlands. Integration of the company KB Knecht GmbH in Reutlingen

  • 2012

    Foundation of Hoffmann Asia Pacific in Singapore

  • 2014

    Opening of the BEC - Workstations & Storage Centre in Odelzhausen

  • 2016

    Establishment of a branch in USA, Knoxville

  • 2018-11-20 14_51_59-Fotos.png


    Establishment of a branch in India, Pune

  • Bremen OH_2017.jpg


    Opening of the OrangeHouse, Bremen (Therapy and Creative Centre for socially disadvantaged and traumatised children and young adults.)

  • Logistic City.png


    Start of construction Logistic City, Nuremberg