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Contour measuring instrument GARANT CM1

Non-contact optical incremental measuring system for reliable results.


Contour measuring instrument CM1 - clear structures and easy handling.

The GARANT CM1 is an all-round talent for your daily contour measurements. Thanks to its CNC programmable and controllable X and Z axis it provides the largest measuring volume in its class. The optional CNC-controlled Y table can also provide an automated Y axis.

Top-down measurement and fully automatic calibration ensure efficient operation and high reproducibility. With the fully configured measuring computer you are ready to start, without any great set-up requirement.

Features CM1


1. Full-specification measurement computer (Quad-Core, 8 GB RAM) with optimum cable management

2. Optionally with CNC controllable Y-table

3. Reliable results by incremental non-contact visual evaluation of the measurement axes

4. CNC controllable X and Z axes

5. Solid granite base

6. Optionally with joystick for control


The largest measurement range in its class:

With a measurement range of 190 mm in X and 275 mm in Z (maximum traversing length in a space of > 330 mm) the CM1contour measuring instrument offers the largest measurement range in its class.

In contrast to pivot point measurement, this two-axis measurement is performed at a constant 0° measuring angle.


Measure upper and lower contours (top-down measurement):

The CM1 contour measuring instrument operates with absolute coordinates and from the start allows you to measure contours against one another in a precise dimensional relationship. Top-down measurement therefore allows contours to be determined and automatically compared to each other, in a single pass.

Fully automatic calibration:

Fully automatic calibration of the contact points reduces the personal time requirement and ensures that calibration is independent of the operator.

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