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      Article no.: 080322

      Safety coupling with internal thread

      Brand: CEJN
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      Safety coupling with internal thread

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      The eSafe safety coupling satisfies the ISO standard 4414 and EN 983. First it is vented; uncoupling is then performed as a second step (no whiplash).
      Flow rate: 4000 ltr / min, maximum operating pressure 16 bar
      Material: galvanised steel / brass
      Steel couplings have many advantages in pneumatic systems compared to standard brass couplings:
      • Easy to use with only one hand with low coupling force.
      • High flow rateas a consequence of very low pressure drop.
      • Long working life due to surface treatment and hardened components with tight manufacturing tolerances.
      • Cost-effectiveness − the amortisation time is 2years at the most.


      For improving the performance, economics and safety of industrial compressed air installations with low coupling force combined with a compact and easy to grasp design.


      Compressed air safety coupling CEJN series 410 eSafe (with venting function) satisfies the European standard 10.4 (nominal ⌀ 10.4 mm) flow rate up to 4000 ltr/min.