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      Article no.: 091924

      Socks TOP WINTER navy

      Brand: Cofra
      Fabric composition 10% nylon
      Fabric composition 78% polyester
      Fabric composition 2% acrylic
      Fabric composition 2% elastane
      Fabric composition 2% cotton
      Fabric composition 4% Merino
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      Socks TOP WINTER navy

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      Warm socks for the winter with THERMOLITE® structure for higher thermal insulation. Avoid torn muscles with strips of merino wool to keep the calves at a pleasant temperature.
      A good feel due to COOLMAX® material which keeps the foot pleasantly dry. Avoids unpleasant foot odours due to the anti-bacterial freshFX® treatment. With LYCRA® reinforced structure for high elasticity even after washing many times. Type: Unisex.

      Suitable for:

      Industry, logistics, building trade, cleaning

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