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      Article no.: 097202

      Measuring tubes, pack of 10

      Brand: DRAEGER
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      Measuring tubes, pack of 10

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      Dräger tubes for measuring carbon monoxide, ammonia gas, hydrogen sulphide and formaldehyde.
      Each measuring tube consists of a thin glass tube melted at the ends to seal it. Inside there is a chemically reactive filling layer. To perform a measurement, break the ends off the tube and insert it into the gas detection pump. The pump compresses the air that is to be tested, which causes the filling layer to change colour when it reacts with the respective gas. The concentration can be read off on an integral scale.


      For safety technical reasons gas detection devices cannot be returned.
      A selection of around 300 different types of tube is available on request. These allow more than 500 substances to be measured quickly and easily, in many different concentrations.