Nr art.: 291945

Letter set A − Z

Marka: Zeus

Letter set A − Z

Cena jednostkowa
od  BGN 2,374.22
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Opis produktu


Return spring system with replaceable segments. Flexible and with adaptable shank.


Labelling up to the collar is possible.

Suitable for:

Labelling tool No. 291930 and 291935.


Optionally, for secure storage of interchangeable segments/character sets, article No. 291990_box can be ordered.


Observe assignment between tools and segments.


Labelling roller with ⌀ 30 mm: Fitting at least 17 segments possible.
Labelling roller with ⌀ 50 mm: Fitting at least 29 segments possible.
The maximum number depends on the respective character width.

Dane techniczne

A − Z
Labelling rollers ⌀
50 mm
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