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      Article no.: 290353

      Keyway broaching toolholder, long Shank ⌀ 32 mm

      Brand: GARANT
      Through-coolant Yes
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      Keyway broaching toolholder, long Shank ⌀ 32 mm

      In stock (30 Pieces)



      Very high stability due to the full length support from the insert pocket to the shank.


      • Individual holder sizes are for different slot widths. In such cases, where possible, always use the optimum combination of holder and cutting insert (identical size) for maximum stability.
      • For lathes without Y-axis, please use eccentric bush No. 290391− 290393 for exact setting of the Y-coordinate.
      • For machining centres, use the alignment aid No. 290397 and a dial indicator to check the spindle orientation.

      Technical Data

      Shank length Ls
      100 mm
      Shank mounting type
      Shank ⌀ 32 mm