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      Article no.: 238392

      Fine boring head MicroKom BluFlex® 2

      Brand: Komet
      Skaft ABS
      Through-coolant Yes

      Fine boring head MicroKom BluFlex® 2

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      1 precision boring head ABS50, size ⌀ 6 − 125 mm.
      • Linearity range: −0.2 to +4.4 mm (-0.0079 inch to 0.1732 inch) on the ⌀.
      • µ-precise display resolution: 0.001 mm on the ⌀.
      • Internal hexagon wrench allows radial adjustment and clamping of the micro-adjustable drilling head.
      • Modern high-contrast OLED display directly at the micro-adjustable drilling head.
      • The display can be rotated through 180°.
      • Easy to operate directly at the touch display.
      • Additional Bluetooth® low energy interface for easy display on a commercially-available smartphone with Android™ or IOS 7.
      • Higher speeds thanks to integral partial balancing.
      • Very sensitive adjustment permits precise infeed.
      • Absolute travel measuring system – the absolute and relative slide position is output every time the device is switched on.
      • Universal ABS® port.
      • Battery easily replaceable.
      • 1: 1 compatible with the available variations of the previous system.

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