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      Article no.: 498701 DP1VA

      Mini-processor / printer DP-1 VA DP1VA

      Brand: Mitutoyo
      Interface RS232C interface
      Interface Digimatic interface

      Mini-processor / printer DP-1 VA DP1VA

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      Fast and quiet data printer. Large easily legible characters. Timed reading of measured values (clock function). Data logging up to 9999 values. Thermal printer paper with long-term stability. Very compact. Press key to start. Powered by 6V mains adapter, batteries or rechargeable batteries. Data logger function with time stamp. Printing and data transmission can be performed concurrently. Compatible with measuring devices with the Digimatic 2 format.
      Printable data: Measured values; OK / not OK values, number of data, min / max value, range; average value, standard deviation, number of rejects, percentage of rejects, process capability index, histogram, intervention limits; date and time.

      Version - image:

      Socket for power adapter.
      RS232C output
      Digimatic input
      Connection for foot switch No. 49 8780.


      For data collection, printing, and statistical evaluation of the measured data of small measuring tools with Digimatic interface.

      Supplied with:

      Supplied with 1 roll thermal paper, carrying strap, and mains adapter.

      Optional extras:

      Thermal paper No. 498710, foot switch No. 498780. Batteries (4 pieces) No. 081570 size LR6, batteries (4 pieces) No. 081556
      size LR6.

      Accessories and spare parts