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      Article no.: 440610

      Hydraulic jointed arm (without magnetic base)

      Brand: GARANT
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      Hydraulic jointed arm (without magnetic base)

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      Hydraulic measuring stand with central clamping - all joints are rigidly clamped by means of the central rotary knob. Oil hydraulics protected against oil leakage by double seals. Clamping force can be steplessly adjusted. Large rubberised hand wheel (⌀ 54 mm) for easy tightening and releasing the clamp. Jointed arms on the dial indicator mounting rotates 360°, can be twisted 180° and suitable for dial indicators with shank ⌀ 6 and 8 mm or dovetail.

      Version - image:

      Hydraulic central locking
      with ergonomic handwheel
      Fine adjustment
      at the indicator holder
      Ball joint
      Magnetic base
      in a plastic enclosure


      Hydraulic stands can withstand large fluctuations in temperature when the clamp is open. However a certain time is required for the temperature of the oil to equalise. When the clamp is closed the maximum fluctuation in temperature should be 15° C. Otherwise it might lose oil.