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      Article no.: 770290

      Pop rivet box

      Brand: GESIPA

      Pop rivet box

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      Hand pop riveter of high-quality die-cast aluminium, handles of forged CrV steel. Quick-change system for threaded spigots, no tools required.

      Supplied with:

      “GBM 10” hand pop riveter for joining thicknesses from 0.25 to 3 mm. Supplied with a threaded mandrel and nozzles M4, M5 and M6, 4 sizes of pop rivets:
      approx. 50 pcs. alu M4×6×11.0 mm
      approx. 50 pcs. alu M5×7×11.5 mm
      approx. 50 pcs. alu M5×7×13.5 mm
      approx. 40 pcs. alu M6×9×15.5 mm.
      In a sturdy metal box.

      Technical Data

      for pop rivet nuts steel, brass and stainless steel
      M4 – M5 mm
      for pop rivet nuts alu
      M4 – M6 mm