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      Article no.: 656300 200

      Torque wrench set 200

      Brand: Wera
      Test certificate Manufacturer’s test certificate
      Direction of tightening Right-hand tightening
      Square drive 1/2
      Torque measuring accuracy ±3
      Width across flats range, hexagon sockets 10-19
      Width across flats range, hexagon wrenches 6-10
      Calibration O1

      Torque wrench set 200

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      BGN 679.25
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      Very sturdy single-handed torque wrench with ergonomic 2-component handle and reversible ratchet for easy adjustment and locking the specified value. Sturdy trigger mechanism ensures clearly audible and sensed response on reaching the set torque. Easy adjustment and locking of the desired torque value, due to display with main scale and fine scale. For right-handed use.
      Units of measure: N·m, lbf·ft.


      Tested to DIN EN ISO 6789.

      Content table use:

      Hexagon sockets: 1 pc. each size 10; 13; 17; 19 mm
      Hexagon screwdriver bits: 1 pc. each 6; 8; 10 mm
      Screwdriver bits for Torx®: 1 pc. each TX30; TX40; TX45; TX50
      Extension: 1 pc. 125 mm
      “Click-Torque” torque wrench: 1 pc. 40-200 Nm
      Presented in: Textile box

      Technical Data

      Square drive
      1/2 inch
      Torque measuring accuracy
      ±3 %
      Test certificate
      Manufacturer’s test certificate 
      Direction of tightening
      Right-hand tightening 
      maximum torque
      200 cN·m
      Torque range
      40 N·m - 200 N·m
      Scale graduation, 1 graduation =
      100 cN·m
      Drive profile
      Hexagon screwdriver ; Hexagon sockets ; Screwdriver for TORX® screws 
      Width across flats range, hexagon wrenches
      6-10 mm
      Width across flats range, hexagon sockets
      10-19 mm
      Overall length L
      510 mm