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      Article no.: 657762

      Torque wrench “Slipper” with scale

      Brand: GARANT
      Test certificate Manufacturer’s test certificate
      Calibration O1
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      Torque wrench “Slipper” with scale

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      The special slipping trigger mechanism reliably prevents unintentional overtightening.
      Torque wrench with micrometer scale for setting, self-triggering. Hold in position at the end of the handle against inadvertent adjustment. with integral ratchet.
      Units of measure: N·m.


      Precision triggering mechanism facilitates working in inaccessible places.


      On reaching the set torque value the wrench triggers a clearly detectable deflection and is then immediately ready for use again. The special trigger mechanism ensures that the set torque values are reliably achieved, but not exceeded.


      For medium to larger batch productions.


      Tested to DIN EN ISO 6789.


      ±6 % of the set value.